NY Yankees Head Team Physician and Director of Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine at Columbia university, Dr. Christopher Ahmad M.D. headlines the Arm Injury Prevention talk at  Rockland Boulders Stadium in Pomona, NY. Bardonia Physical Therapy ran the event and Breathe Baseball helped sponsor and film the educational talk.  Over 50 Tri-State area coaches and medical field professional attended the event and enjoyed the educational experience.  Also speaking were Richard Popowitz, Assistant Team Physician of the Miami Marlins, Dr. T. Sean Lynch, Center for Shoulder, Elbow Sports Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and Dr. Alex Roasado, Owner of Bardonia Physical Therapy.  Dr Rosado talked about the throwing kinematic sequence, Dr. Lynch went over the hip joint and its relation to throwing and Dr. Popowitz touched on the shoulder joint and rotator cuff tears.  Dr Ahmad presented on the pediatric elbow and little league elbow, along with ligament tears.  He continued to educate us on “Pitching Smart”  and why player should rest and why they need pitch counts.  The educational baseball talk ended with open panel questions and discussion among the doctors and audience for some great interaction.  Overall the “Baseball Arm Injury Prevention Educational Talk” was a big success.  One important piece of information to talk away from the night was the triangle of success for our athletes.  See Triangle diagrams below:


movement-continuum Functional-Performance-Pyramid performance-pyramidArm Injury Prevention Flyer_Layout 1



Breathe Baseball’s goal is to help our athletes meet their the skill, mental, recovery, performance, and movement goals by teaming up with Bardonia Physical Therapy , APEX Performance Training and providing our athletes with the best opportunity to make their dreams a reality.  #breathebelievesucceed



-Coach Mike-