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We love baseball and have a passion to teach the game the right way.

  • 1Acceptance of Responsibility. No excuses, make adjustments and figure out a solution.
  • 2Mental Strength. Control the controllable. Attitude, Effort and Preparation.
  • 3Loyalty & Synergism. Family. Encourage your brothers and put the TEAM above all else. Play for the name on the front of jersey. Team chemistry, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Aristotle
  • 4Strive for excellence, stay humble, concentrate on improving your weakness & keeping your strengths.
  • 5Class – Win and lose with it. Respect the game that has been good to many.
  • 6Heightened Awareness. Everyone in and around you counts. Focus on what you are doing all the time.
  • 7CONFIDENCE. Think “I Can, I Will, I Must” “Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually right” Confucius. Confidence in your brother.
  • 8ENERGY is contagious. Body language & mood/attitude is a decision we make throughout our day.
  • 9Getting better in small increments every day. There is no stationary period. You’re either getting better or getting worse. If each player on the squad of 33 improves 1%, the team’s improvement is 33%.
  • 10Anything worth celebrating, doesn’t come easy. We must be willing to trade sweat, effort and sacrifice for success.
  • 11ALWAYS COMPETE. No player ever becomes a success by giving up. Never give up.
  • 12Do work. Start practice/workout/ warm-up immediately. Don’t lallygag. A short, vigorous, meaningful work-out is much better than a long-drawn out session.
  • 13Good physical condition is important. Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Flexibility, Mobility, Speed & Agility and Balance.
  • 14BREATHE. Calm, Cool, Confident players will win the battle of adversity that is Baseball.
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While players & parents start expecting the best training, they soon realize that they are typically getting more than what they paid for: a great experience where baseball is the main focus to compete at the highest level; but in an environment of positive reinforcement & core values that players need.

Whatever your skill level is – beginner or advanced – there is a place at Breathe Baseball for you to learn the game.  We hope you enjoy our new facility, our unique offerings and our great staff.

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